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I’m excited to let you know about a special project that has been in the works for quite some time. I have just finished a brand new CD that is a merge of contemporary Indie acoustic & pop rock tunes. Positively titled "BAD DAYS ARE GONE" while lyrical content is all about my past 2 years getting out of a serious struggle, seeking for a better days to come. It suddenly happened, everything turned blue and let me converted that hard and private atmosphere to songs with happy endings. You’ll enjoy it. I recorded this album within years 2008-2011 at my home studio in Beverly, MA using Apple’s Garage Band. Music produced, mixed and mastered by Ivan Pokorny at his Bronx studio, NY.


released September 1, 2011

I’d like to thank following people for helping me with this album:
Ivan Pokorny for mixing and mastering my album, for being always helpful and tireless, for leading me in the right direction and always patiently listening to all my concerns and wishes
Josh Duran for being my lyric and grammar editor
Erika Eisenhart for her beautiful word scripts and lyric suggestions
Karel Zamecnik for playing bass on tracks # 4, 11, 12
Marek Marotha Pavelka for singing on track # 11
Jeff Esguerra, Mattheus Campos, Greta Lungu, Paja Divisova and Lenka Dolezalova for playing in my video Not the One you Love
Michal Steflovic for shooting and producing my videos Not the One you Love and Serial Killer and for taking picture of mine used for the cover
Tatyana Vasconcelos for appearing in my video Who you Belong to
Roman B.Dolezal from Slovakia for giving me a great word script for track # 9 and for making such a cool album artwork
My wife Lenka for her very positive approach to all of mine unfinished projects, my son Alex for his unleashed and never ending inspiration, my daughter Zuzanka for being such a good and strong person, my mom for her always present deep believes in me, my dad for his parental love he’s been giving me



all rights reserved


Roman Dolezal Beverly, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Bad Days Are Gone part I
Bad Days Are Gone, it feels so strong
Again on my feet to face enemies
Bad Days Are Gone, no fear no more
And Sun’s rising high to cherish my mind
Bad Days Are Gone, bad nightmares took along
My Moon no more dark and you by my side
Bad Days Are Gone, Bad Days Are Gone
My Moon no more dark and you by my side
Track Name: Jana
Johnny was born as a small town boy
living on the street where everybody knows you
taking his chance as a first time lover
than breaking every heart
but this love has gone by and Johnny wants still more
next girl he loved made him feel so good
he would fight for her and give her everything he could
but the time’s gone by and Johnny wanted still more
didn’t care about anything
as a river that flows down the canyon and never stops
once all good times were gone
and Johnny felt lonely so lonely and no one could help him out
and deep inside of his heart
there was the only one only one left to be loved
her name was Jana
her name was Jana
her name was Jana
and Jana is all what remains
Track Name: Housekeeper
If you’re coming by
you’ll never see her cry
you’ll never see her struggle
she’ll be making cherry pie
you’ll love the way she cooks
you’ll love the way she looks
you’ll love the way she ties up her boobs
into a push-up bra

today she’s wearing shirt
and very little skirt
she’s wearing nothing underneath
and it’s so bad
if you gave her little chance
what didn’t cause romance
she would jump up on the counter to dance

Janice is my housekeeper
everybody loves her
when she raises her legs
while climbing the stairs
Janice is my housekeeper
and she will always get you
when she sweeps the floor
you don’t think anymore
Track Name: Serious Minds
I’m seriously thinking about who I am married to
we don’t enjoy each other the way we used to do
we both do things very differently disabled of breaking through
so why all people in love keep saying
there’s nobody like you

I’m seriously thinking but my brain seems to fail
it may be loosing oxygen or it’s simply getting older
I cannot keep my mind in order as I used to
is this just my mental disease being permanently screwed

I can’t recall what was going on
the last time when I saw you
I feel like I’ll be loosing a friend but I have never had one my memory is down below and so is my potential
I do not recognize the hate of a friendship
I have never loved anyone
my love’s just been pretended
so I’m seriously thinking who I’m sharing my bed with
I do not miss my family and I’d never call my mother they all have been my enemies, one followed by another
Track Name: Tears on my Grave
I’m lost never to be found
I’m stuck inside my own prison
the walls are covered in white
the windows are lock up tight
the patients are look dead
is this my own prison
I’m scared oh I’m so scared

I kill my dreams every morning
with a glass of beer to ease the pain
emotions soon subside
I start to cry my heart is bleeding dry
I pray for my soul
I wanted to be whole
but I’m scared oh I’m so scared

I’m dying inside my mind tonight
leaving the whole damn world behind
I fear that all those thoughts ever last
and whatever you want me to say
everything seems to be gone anyway
you can cry your salty tears on my grave

today maybe my last night
just before my brain takes another flight
through my broken dreams
who could stop my conscious of fading out
who could set my soul to feel free again
but I’m scared oh I’m so scared
Track Name: Cold Winter Night
A cold winter night, cold on a weekend
that was when I first met you,
I liked your walk and the silly way you’d talk
making me laugh at every chance

I remember going back to yesterday
oh, how I wish you would stay
my heart is breaking apart with every step you take
I cry, I plead, why would you do this to me?
The evil words of your forgiveness

Season went by, your feelings started burning
oh, how I wish they were burning for me
you left me shattered, you never showed emotions
you left me where I didn’t want to be

Season went by, our bond drew near
can you hear your name being called from my lips
I wanted you to say, I love you
but I guess I’m just not that lucky
your name being called from my lips
I wanted you to say I love you
but I guess I’m just not that lucky
No no really, its true
Track Name: Not the one you love
Every time when I’m being such an asshole
I drink too much what makes me feel
that it clears my head
and if it won’t, hold me down baby, hold me down
I’ll never say the word

You might be thinking it won’t last forever
I’ll try to be good and I’ll try to watch my mouth
but if I won’t, hold me down darling, hold me down
I’ll never talk about again

Have we ever thought about our love
was anything wrong with us
when we decided to give it up
remember those days
when you held me tight in your arms
but time has changed and I’m not the one you love

You should have said why I’m being such an asshole
you came that night and found me up on her
forgive me baby, hold me down honey, hold me down
I’ll never drop you girl

You should have said give me back all my money
I wouldn’t mind if I had to move myself away
there’s no goodbye, you hold me down baby
hold me down, I’ll never loose my mind again
Track Name: Serial Killer
There’s a serial killer outside my door
there’s a serial killer waiting out for me
there’s a serial killer his name is scary crow
there’s a serial killer and he is 6’ foot 3

Don’t touch me, don’t touch me please
don’t touch me at all

There’s a serial killer in my dining hall,
there’s a serial killer waiting out for me
there’s a serial killer
he longs to slash and dash pieces of me
there’s a serial killer inside my mind
Track Name: Like a Speeding Train
Like a speeding train
I’m heading towards where I’ve never been before however I try I still can't get of this ride
so I’ll have to carry on

I'd lost my way that I created
it’s not known where I’m going now
I thought that everything
was going to be a happy ending
you knew what I had on my mind

I tried to find out
what happened to make me fall so in love with you
I keep falling down
and I was spinning far beyond my own fortune

When you left me without any explanation
you turned your back away from me
and left me just hanging on
without you I can’t find my way back home
but I’m so in love with you

But when you let me breathe your smile in
I can't walk away because it’s what I need
does everything really end, oh no
but now your eyes are burning
I can feel the flames
would you whisper the words of love to me
so that I feel it’s not the end
would you save me for a while
so that I feel it’s not the end
Track Name: Mother Nature
It feels like the end of time
when someone you love is not around anymore
you cannot find any place to hide and cry
no matter where you go

The ground has shocked, the water had risen
disaster has started over
there is no warning without any sign
it won’t let you live for no longer

If Mother Nature is mad at us we better forgive her
even though people have lost everything they had
we better forgive her
even though cities are ruined, water buried all
we still better forgive her

Looking for Neverland
leaving the world behind
making your all bad dreams to go away
fixing your broken mind
Track Name: Faces of my Mind
Pushing myself to make the best
not knowing what I’ll need
a drive to move to move ahead
to try and take the lead
sailing so calmly, sailing down
my boat along the sea
there are no other places where
I would rather be

I saw 10 faces there I would be proud of
strange kind of faces of my mind
you tell me reasons why I should be scared of
these faces I'll keep inside

You can beat them up, beat them down
there is 10 faces of my mind
beat them down, beat them up, come on hurry up, somewhere out, somewhere there
there is 10 faces everywhere
beat them down, beat them up, come on hurry up

Sitting down to drink at the bar with my special girl
I’ve never forgotten to let her know
to me she means the world
walking across the lonely beach
and gazing into the sun
breathing in the sleepless night
and knowing the day is done
Track Name: Storyteller
I’d like to take you to another world
where we could start it over again
you say I never keep my promises
and than you call me storyteller
and I feel so bad

You know I try to be a better man, no fool
who has never met another girl like you
but you still call me storyteller

Will I ever see your smile again oh girl
don’t let me feel like I’ll be loosing you no more
and don’t you call me storyteller

Let all the people say that we’re all insane
would anybody care how we live our lives today
do make up your mind, do what you feel is right
we both know what it takes to get back what we lost in tonight

even though we didn’t make it through
still all my feelings feel so true
you say it’s over but I still love you
Track Name: Let the Dreams Come in
Once upon a time there was a man
who let people settle down in the middle of nowhere
and when they went too wild, way too far of range
he locked them all into the cage
dug the holes, ripped the land, put some borders up
was the one who had never failed
stronger than everyone

He knew the smell of guns on the battle site
and always loved the girls until the morning light
and when the game began and all the men were up
he stood up straight to head the fight
straight to head his fight
dreaming about better world where everything’s all right no one to break the chance to live
and what was black is white

Let the dreams come in and take it all
there’s no better chance to win this war
let the dreams come in and flip your dime
it won’t ever hurt you anytime

My old friend Tony now in heaven
he’d always kind of played with fortune
he’d always climbed to reach his rainbow
but I will keep my guitar turned up
and I will keep his Marshall’s turned up
I’ll try to learn this track to pieces
Track Name: Bad Days Are Gone part II
Bad Days Are Gone, it feels so strong
again on my feet to face enemies
Bad Days Are Gone, no fear no more
and Sun’s rising high to cherish my mind
Bad Days Are Gone, bad nightmares took along
my Moon no more dark and you by my side
Bad Days Are Gone, Bad Days Are Gone
my Moon no more dark and you by my side